Continuous Professional Development

CCNA training with the Knowledge Academy in Leeds


22 Jun 2016

Girls Education (Braeburn International School)

21 Jun 2016

A/A* Programme (Braeburn International School)

20 Jun 2016

Developing Leadership Capacity in Schools (Braeburn International School)

14 Aug 2015

Cisco Certified Network Associate (The Knowledge Academy, UK)

03 Jan 2014

Family (World Vision, Tanzania)

04 Jan 2013

Managing Challenging Behaviour (Braeburn International School)

04 Jan 2013

Organising and Managing School Trips (Braeburn International School)

11 Sep 2012

Target Setting (Braeburn International School)

16 Oct 2012

Lesson Planning (Braeburn International School)

09 Jul 2012

Differentiation (South Thames College)

07 Jul 2011

Delivering an outstanding lesson (OFSTED)

20 Oct 2011

Excellent teaching of AS and A2 ICT (EDEXCEL)

13 Jul 2010

Writing UCAS References (Goldsmith University)

10 Jul 2010

Equality and Diversity (South Thames College)

19 May 2010

Internal Verification of Assessment (South Thames College)

23 May 2009

Raising motivation in students (South Thames College)

05 Jan 2009

Improving own learning and performance for students (South Thames College)

10 Nov 2008

Governing a school (Sutton Local Education Authority)

07 Jul 2007

ECDL (British Computer Society)

07 Dec 2006

Child Protection (South Thames College)

Meet Richard Greaves, my CCNA Trainer, no boring powerpoint slides, just hands on!!!

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